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Introduction of Bridal Package:

*At SMC we have special Bridal packages which are designed considering a bride and a bridegroom's unique needs.

*Bridal packages include a combination of 4-3 different specially customized services and products spread over 30-40 days.
*During these the dead, dull skin is gently removed revealing a natural, brighter and softer skin.

*Dr.Uma will first analyze your skin and then recommend the right package suitable to your skin type.
*You will also get useful healthy lifestyle and skincare advice which help you improve the way your skin looks and feels.

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Face and Neck
Bridal Glow Package                                       30 days
Bridal Blemish Free Package                        40 days
Advanced Bridal Glow Package                    60 days
Advanced Bridal Blemish Free Package     60 days

Bridal Arms Package (30 Day Package)


Bridal Arms Package                           30 days
Advanced Bridal Arms Package        40 days


Bridal Back Package (Full Back)                               30 days
Advanced Bridal Back Package (Full Back)            40 days
Bridal Back Package (Upper Back)                           30 days
Advanced Bridal Back Package (Upper Back)        40 days

Bridal Back Package (30 Day Package)
Advanced Gorgeous Groom Package


Gorgeous Groom Package                           30 days
Advanced Gorgeous Groom Package         40 days

Friends & Family

Mother of the Bride/Groom — Basic              30 days
Mother of the Bride om — Advanced             40 days
Friends of the Bride                                            30 days

For Friends of the Bride

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What are the bridal packages that you have?
Q2.What is the cost of the bridal package?
Q3. Why do I need tn start 30 days before?
Q4. I am getting married in October, when should I go for the bridal package?
Q5. How are SMC'’s bridal packages better than the other packages available at a beauty parlor?
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