Chemical Peeling Treatment in Anna Nagar

Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peel treatment is a technique that helps to improve skin texture. A solution of chemical peel on face is applied to the required area of the skin for a few minutes and then washed in case of strong peels or sometimes kept for a few hours in case of stay-on peels. As a result, the skin gets exfoliated and tries to remove damaged cells. In fact, it eventually peels off. Therefore, this gives rise to fresh skin care. This skin is often smoother and healthier.

Chemical peels treatment help a variety of skin issues. For example:

  • Acne
  • Fine lines
  • Sun damage
  • Acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Mild acne scars
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Melasma in men

Types of chemical peels

The type of peel and its concentration  is decided according to the underlying condition which is to be treated. The depth of peel in skin depends on  its concentration. Let’s discuss the types of chemical peel and how they are important for our skin.

There are 3 types of peels, such as:

Superficial peels: One of the superficial peels is alpha-hydroxy acid. Superficial peels gently exfoliate the skin. They generally penetrate the outermost layer of skin.

Medium peels: The medium peels such as trichloroacetic or glycolic acid. These peels penetrate the middle and outer layers of skin. As a result, this helps to remove damaged skin cells.

Deep peels: Peels such as phenol peel or trichloroacetic acid. These peels fully penetrate the middle layer of the skin. As a result, this removes damaged skin cells. It should be administered only by a dermatologist.

Benefits: Chemical Peel on Face

Skin conditions like wrinkles, scars and discoloration can be used for chemical peels treatment. In this procedure, a chemical solution is applied on the skin, whereby the skin’s upper layers are removed. Here are some of the main benefits of chemical peel for face.

  • The skin that newly grows is smoother. A light chemical peel for face can treat acne, uneven skin tone, fine wrinkles and dryness. It improves the skin texture and tone.
  • A medium chemical peel treats these problems as well as acne scars.
  • A deep chemical peel treats these problems as also deeper wrinkles and scars.
  • The appearance of fine lines under the eyes and around the mouth reduce after a chemical peel treatment and there is a noticeable reduction in age spots and freckles removal after getting a chemical peel for face.
  • Wrinkles caused by sun damage and due to aging, can be treated with the help of chemical peels.
  • Chemical peels are an effective treatment for certain types of acne.
  • They help in exfoliating the upper skin layer and remove excess collagen.
  • Dark patches on the face or melasma during pregnancy can be treated using chemical peels on face.
  • The other important benefit of chemical peel for face is the improvement in the texture and tone of the skin, a brighter complexion and increased glow, which is easily noticeable from the chemical peel before and after results.
  • Mild to moderate rosacea can be treated with the use of chemical peels for face.

Chemical Peel Treatment in Anna Nagar

Chemical Peel Treatment in Anna Nagar
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