bridal skin brightening treatment in chennai
Recommended for 2 months before marriage date

Bridal Blemish Free (40 Day Package)

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Package Includes:
Recommended for prospective brides with:

  • Acne
  • Mild to moderate acne marks
  • Very oily and acne prone skin

Body Parts: Face and Neck

Procedure Steps

ACP - Acne Control Peel

Day 0

  •  Reduces the oiliness and starts opening blocked glands
  • Begins gentle exfoliation

BP Brightening Peel

Day 15

  • Lightens the skin and acne marks
  • Deeper exfoliation leading to damaged skin removal

Acne Control Peel

DAY 30

  • Takes care of any eruption after Skin Lightening
  • Further improves acne and marks

Instent Glow

DAY 40

  • 5 days before the D-Day

*Avoid Massage

  • Takes care of specific bridal concerns
    – acne and Skin Brightening.
  • Expectation alignment is critical. The combo gives maximum efficacy that is
    possible in 40 days and may not totally remove the blemishes.
  • Dermatologist Assesses the skin before every session and modify the medications/ homecare regime/ services if needed.
  • Recommended products — Daily use Sunscreen; Anti Pimple Cream before after peel service.

Maximum reduction possible in blemishes with a more clear and even skin tone.

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