Gorgeous Groom package in chennai
Recommended One month before Marriage Date

Gorgeous Groom package - 30 day package

Package Information:
  • + Recommended for all prospective grooms looking for enhancement of skin.
  • Body Parts: Face and Neck.

*2 products (DUS and Pimple free cream at night)

  • * Reduces the oiliness and starts opening blocked glands.
  • * Begins gentle exfoliation.
  • * Lightens the skin and acne marks.
  • * Deeper exfoliation leading to damaged skin removal.
  • Further enhances skin tone and adds to skin radiance.
    * Avoid massage, if acne prone skin.

Key Benefit:
Evenness of skin tone with reduction in oiliness resulting in a clear and radiant skin.
Recommended products — SMC whitening cream with SPF

– SMC Pimple free cream

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