Advanced Bridal Back Package (40 Day Package)
Recommended for 30’s

Advanced Bridal Back Package (40 Day Package)

Package Includes:
  • + 40 day package
  • + Body Parts: Full Back/ Upper Back
  • Removes superficial tan and evens skin tone.
  • Further improves skin tone and helps Improve skin tone.
  • Improves skin texture and further enhances skin tone.
    — skin feels as good as it looks

Drs. Can modify the duration between services to matcn the days with face and neck

Package available for Full Back / Upper Back

Key Benefit:
Results in an even tone and takes away the mild tan
Recommended products — DUS
– Pimple free cream.
– Kaya Fairness night cream, stop application 2 days before and after peels.

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